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  • Alejandro Gomez - Producer
  • Joseph Von Frechen - Director
  • James Caroll - Cinematography
  • Nick Mills - Director

Alejandro Gomez – Producer

Hello I am a producer here at Flush Films. I fell in love with film at a very young age in thanks to my father always sneaking me to movies he wanted to see. I found myself wanting to recreate the magic that was on the screen. Once in high school I realized I could edit from home. It was like I could re-create the world with my fingertips. Once I graduated from high school I went straight into Film School, from there it was history. I don’t need any inspirational quotes to help motivate me. I just wake up reminding myself to be great at everything I do. Alejandro, Flush Films.

Joseph Von Frechen – Director

Writer/Director. Joseph just finished shooting his first feature film Anti as well as a project with 24 Carrot. He does many collaborative projects and works for Flush Films as a director, editor, and animator. Inquiries: jgatsby@flushfilms.com

James Caroll

I am James Carroll, and I am 22 years old. I am one of the owners and producers at Flush Films, but my main job is cinematography. In recent years I have realized my life is centered around film, and always will be. I want to make a difference in the world and make changes that move towards something greater than just myself in hope of positively affecting people for years to come.
I have worked on shoots for the Travel Channel, shot video/photo for Epic Bill Bradley as he broke the World Record (7 times continuous) in Grand Canyon Crossings. I have shot commercials, music videos, interviews, short films, recorded events and shows, and am currently employed as Director of Photography for Flush Film’s first feature length film ‘Anti’. Flush Films is more than just a production company, we are a family of artists and thinkers. I love what I do here at Flush Films and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Nick Mills

Writer/Director. Nick Mills just finished directing his latest film Labrats.