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  • Alejandro Gomez - Producer
  • James Caroll - Cinematography
  • Liana O'Boyle - Producer/Actress
  • Bri Dugan - Production Assistant
  • Aaron Wilcox - Sound

Alejandro Gomez – Producer

Hello world, I am alejandro and am a producer here at Flush Films. I fell in love with film at a very young age in thanks to my father always sneaking me to movies he wanted to see. I found myself wanting to recreate the magic that was on screen. Once in high school I realized I could edit from my very own home. It was like I could re-create the world with my fingertips. Once I graduated from high school. I went straight into Film School, from there it was history. My motto is to always BE GREAT. I don’t need any inspirational quotes to help motivate me. I just wake up reminding myself to be great at everything I do. Alejandro, Flush Films

James Caroll

I am James Carroll, and I am 22 years old. I am one of the owners and producers at Flush Films, but my main job is cinematography. In recent years I have realized my life is centered around film, and always will be. I want to make a difference in the world and make changes that move towards something greater than just myself in hope of positively affecting people for years to come.
I have worked on shoots for the Travel Channel, shot video/photo for Epic Bill Bradley as he broke the World Record (7 times continuous) in Grand Canyon Crossings. I have shot commercials, music videos, interviews, short films, recorded events and shows, and am currently employed as Director of Photography for Flush Film’s first feature length film ‘Anti’. Flush Films is more than just a production company, we are a family of artists and thinkers. I love what I do here at Flush Films and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. #begreat

Liana O’Boyle

My name is Liana O’Boyle and I am a performing arts connoisseur with a knack for danger. I am a professional actor, dancer, writer, producer and everything in between; however, I am not defined by what I do but rather by who I am. I am a listener who is gifted with the ability to empower others and make their lives worth fighting for. I find balance between detail and the bigger picture because I am observant and I strive for the best in every situation. I am a problem solver who is here to teach and alleviate mental turmoil. I hunger for surprise, adrenaline and new experiences. I seek to open new doors of knowledge for myself and others every day and I create the world I want to be in. Most importantly, I am passionate and determined with love as my driving force for existence. Every day offers a wealth of opportunity if you are determined and work hard to turn your dreams into reality. At flush films we make our dreams come true.

Bri Dugan

I’m a 24 year old Arizona native. When I’m not busy working on productions, I spend a lot of my time helping teens with developmental disabilities in both school and community settings. Whenever I have time off, I love to spend that time at Disneyland, where I am an avid visitor. I went to school for Medical Assisting where I later discovered was not the placement for me once my interest for film sparked. Over four years ago I was offered a position to be a Production Assistant for a short film. With zero film experience and only my extremely well organizational skills to show for, I accepted the challenged. After seeing just how much creativity and passion, as well as hard work, is invested into every single production, I was hooked! I have been privileged enough to work on multiple sets where I’ve been able to learn from everyone and also strengthen my skills as Script Supervisor.

Aaron Wilcox

Aaron Wilcox is a local production sound mixer, who has worked on many projects. Although a majority of them were Arizona State University, he kept learning techniques on every set. He met Joseph Von Frechen while the two were in college, and first worked with Flush Films as an assistant director. He is one of the newest members of the team, and has worked with them on many projects such Concerned Adults, the feature film still in production Anti, and a handful of other projects outside of Flush Films: The trailer for Sam: The Semi Truck Driving Samurai, a short film Dirt, and a short film that appeared in the Phoenix Film Festival, The Muse, directed by Matt Chesin.

He has his bachelor’s degree in film(making practices), and is currently attending Scottsdale Community College to learn more about sound in post production. He plans on attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences when his time at SCC is finished.